7 February 2013

....who won my Amazon prize?

Thanks to everyone who entered my 4th Blogaversary competition! Your entries were entertaining, cringeworthy, weird, irrelevent and wonderful! It was a really hard job to choose a winner!

Some of my favourite entries were:

Clare, who wanted a set of towels:
A towel is about the most massively useful thing a comper can have...
You can wrap it round your head to ward off noxious fumes when the cake you bake for a competition goes wrong, lie on it on the brilliant white sands of a Caribbean island (if you win a holiday) and of course dry yourself off with it when you come back inside after trying to take a prize-winning photograph in a rain storm

Rach, who wanted nail varnish and fimo sticks:
I have never entered beauty contests, it is really a shame,
But when it comes to being trendy, fashions not my game,
However - With Superlucky, maybe I'l get that winning email,
If I win this varnish and Fimo sticks, I can enter via fingernail

Claire wanted a pelvic floor exerciser:
Well they always say us ladies are good at multi-tasking, so I'd like a pelvic floor exercise system that I can use whilst I'm writing my competition entries or trying to think of good tiebreakers, as I'm very lazy about pelvic floor exercises. That will ensure I'm ready for when I strike it lucky with my first major comping win!

(And just in case I get distracted whilst I'm writing my entries, I'd better have some tipp-ex too.)

I loved this poem by Rach:
Oh Di what an utterly fantastic prize!
I headed to Amazon to feast greedy eyes
Should it be costumes, disguises or pens?
Or one of their great range of hats shaped like hens?!
Then I got serious and thought about blogging.
I found a great book which would help with my logging.
This book looks ideal coz I feel like a dummy -
Will people listen to wafflings of a half crazy mummy?!
Then I thought of comps for people creative with snow,
Remembering the cold made my nose and toes glow.
This little book of knits then caught my eyes
Do you think these frosty buddies could help bag me a prize?!
So these items may help me be winningly crafty and punny,
but will they be best use for your great gift of prize money?
Okay, go on, I can't resist, I give in...
Hopefully a turkey hat will give photo compers a big grin!

But after giggling away at all these fabulous requests, I finally decided to award my prize to one of the Twitter entries, from @for_kate, who sent me this doodle to accompany her link...

I love this because Kate has really thought outside the box and added visuals to her poem - and actually, this is a REALLY good idea considering how many competitions now require us to upload a photo plus caption! Adding your signature to shoes, tea towels, clothes and hats would be a really clever way to make your entry stand out! So top marks to Katie - I'll DM you soon and your Sharpie Fabric pens will be making their way to you quick smart!

I'm sorry I couldn't grant all of your wishes but I hope the competition has inspired you all to keep on with the creative comping! Kate's entry has reminded me that adding photos to Twitter tiebreaker entries is a REALLY good idea - not many people do it and it can make your entry stand out a mile, so keep it in mind for the Valentine competitions....