10 February 2013

Flippin' eck: it's the pancake competition linky!

This Tuesday it's PANCAKE DAY! Last year there were more than 30 comps on my linky and I won a few prizes with my caterpillar and green island! This time round I've only found a few comps so far, but I'm expecting the majority of them to pop up on Facebook and Twitter on Monday and Shrove Tuesday, so I'm using a Linky again in order to add them as soon as I spot them. As usual, feel free to add any that you find - I do appreciate it! (scroll down for the competition linky...)

This year, I wanted to try something different, and try making pink beetroot pancakes for a Valentine's treat - Ry was my guinea pig! Here's my recipe...

Beetroot Pancakes
(makes 6 large pancakes, which you can cut into smaller circles or heart shapes)

2 small beetroots
150g plain flour
250ml whole milk
3 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking powder
Greek yogurt
Squeezy honey
Toasted pine nuts

- Boil the beetroots for approximately 40 minutes until soft. Drain and leave to cool, then peel and chop.
- Put the beetroot into a food mixer with the milk, flour, eggs, salt & baking powder - blend until smooth
- To make the pancakes, drop a little butter into a hot frying pan and wipe with kitchen towel.
- Pour a layer of batter to cover the pan. Cook for a couple of minutes, then flip
- Use a heart cutter to cut heart shapes from the pancake - leave to cook for a couple of minutes more
- Sandwich your mini pancakes with Greek Yogurt, and top with toasted pine nuts and a squeeze of honey

While Ryland scoffed the sweet version, I also tried a savoury version with feta and roasted cherry tomatoes - very nice!

We had American style pancakes for breakfast last Sunday too, and attempted to make an Eiffel Tower one for the Nisa Paris competition. It didn't look so good - but Ryland enjoyed decorating it with chocolate hearts!

And using a squeezy bottle I was pretty impressed how easy (and fun) it was to write letters in the pan!

Good luck with your pancakes this year - and remember, it's not all about the photos! There are also lots of tiebreaker competitions for your favourite or the most unusual fillings - AND keep an eye on The PrizeFinder Facebook page on Tuesday where I'll be launching a fun comp to win a £25 Amazon voucher too!