24 April 2014

Compers on holiday!

I've just returned from my longest trip abroad since 2008! An incredible 16 night family trip to Sri Lanka. And before you ask - no, this time I didn't win it! My sister lives in Colombo and I've been planning to go for years - unfortunately prize holidays to this part of the world are few and far between, so this time I paid for the flights using my own money (gasp!). Don't panic though, I certainly won't be making a habit of it - my next holiday will definitely be a prize!

This holiday was always planned to be a break from comping; I finished working for Accolade (PrizeFinder and Compers News) on 28th March and knew it was an opportunity to have some time away from the hectic world of blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest comping. And you know what? I didn't even take any competition photos while I was away! Shocking, isn't it? (mind you, I can never resist posing with a postbox...)

So, although I wasn't comping as such - I did read a handful of inspirational e-books about positivity and organisation. I also jotted down lots of ideas for my blog, and created a new prize wishlist. I've come back to Brighton refreshed and ready to start winning!

Last month I was excited to hear from fellow creative comper Gill that she too was in Sri Lanka at the same time as me. I always jump at the chance to meet fellow compers (ask Wen Dalby about our brief hug outside Salford Quays Coasta Coffee!) so I knew I wanted to meet up with Gill and family.

On the final day of our holiday we drove to Gill's super hotel, Coco Bay, in the South Coast resort of Unawatuna. It was brilliant to have a good comping chat whilst we stood knee deep in turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean! It motivated both of us to get to work on winning our next trip abroad. Here we are enjoying the April issue of Compers News (maybe Gill will be emailing this shot to the Editor for the Letters page...)

Here are my tips for what a comper should be doing to prepare for a holiday abroad:

  • If you get lots of comping post and deliveries, consider using Royal Mail Keepsafe (£12.80 for up to 17 days) - they will hold on to your post and deliver the day after you get home. Or tell your postman and regular couriers you're on holiday and could s/he ask a friendly neighbour to take any 'signed for' post.
  • Take your mobile phone with you - you should receive a text from your network when you arrive to let you know call costs. In my case, with O2 it was £1.25 per minute to receive a call in Sri Lanka - so it's not cheap! If you miss a call and can access free wifi, google the number to check who it is. I missed 3 calls from Diss Promotional Marketing Solutions but when I called the number back they said they couldn't help as I had no clue which promotion it was about - so it looks like I missed out on that prize!
  • Update your voicemail message to say (for example) "I'm out of the country until April 20th. If it's urgent please text or email me with the details and I'll call you back" - incoming texts are usually free, and you can then decide whether to call them back.
  • Check comping sites and do Twitter/Google searches for effort comps before you go. A break can give you just the inspiration you need for original and creative slogan or photo ideas.
  • If you subscribe to a comping mag like Compers News, take the latest copy with you. You can do the puzzles and slogan comps or even write a few postcard entries!
  • Some magazines - try Family Traveller and of course Compers News - will send you a prize if they print a photo of you reading the magazine. Look for an iconic or unusual setting for the best results!
  • When you're away, use free WiFi whenever you can to check your emails, Facebook notifications and Twitter DMs for news of a win - I got 4 winning messages and emails in total this time. Frustratingly, some promoters only give you a few days to claim a prize so if you don't check for a fortnight you could be really disappointed! Try to avoid chit chat on social media: you're on holiday and honestly, the break really WILL do you good!
  • If you do have internet access and can't resist a quick comp, why not try some instant wins? Check the time difference and try for 3-5am UK time - you might get lucky! (read my tips on purchase and instant wins post).
I hope these tips will be useful for those of you who have already won a holiday for this year. As for the rest of us - we'd better get some serious comping done!

20 April 2014

Win £1000 every week with your Jacob's #SnackHappy photo!

I returned from my (fabulous, by the way!) holiday in Sri Lanka late last night and, having had a fortnight's break from comping, was delighted to spot a tweet from Jacob's on my news feed promoting their new creative judged photo competition with cash prizes - a proper challenge to get me rummaging in the fancy dress box!

There are a wildly generous EIGHT prizes - a whopping £1000 cash to be won every week in their #SnackHappy competition, so I fully expect SuperLucky readers to create some wild and wacky Cheddars and Twiglets scenarios - in fact, checking the hashtag I can see lots of fun entries already.

Here's how to enter:

  • take a selfie (defined by Jacob's as 'a self portrait photograph of yourself alone or with friends') with a Jacob’s product
  • share on Twitter or Instagram with the #SnackHappy hashtag
  • you can enter as many photos as you like - but only win a maximum of one prize during the competition period

The competition closes weekly at midnight on Sunday - the first deadline is tonight (20th April 2014) at midnight, and the final date for entries is Sunday 8th June 2014. Entries are judged on creativity and originality.

With unlimited entries that means you have bags of time to try out lots of ideas - you might even want to wait and see the first few winning photos to see what tickles the judges' fancy. Remember though - if it's a selfie, YOU have to be in it!

As for me, I'm a massive fan of Mini Cheddars and Twiglets so visitors can expect a crumb trail around my house for the next 8 weeks. Wishing you all loads of luck in this one - looking forward to seeing your entries!

Full details and T&Cs are at www.jacobs.co.uk/competition

5 April 2014

#SuperLuckyStories part 3: family fun

Welcome to part 3 of #SuperLuckyStories - we've already had Product Placement and Fabulous Food - this post is all about roping in the family, which I've done with plenty of success in the past (see my Kleenex and Toblerone winning videos!)

Comping is a hobby which is more enjoyable if shared - so if you can get your friends, family and kids on your side then the prizes should come rolling in...

Now, let's move on to those #SuperLuckyStories...

Clare at Maybush Studio reluctantly tried her first video competition last year - this lovely entry won the family a trip to Center Parcs: "not only is the prize great, but I really treasure the little video we made and it’s made me determined to shoot more..."

Amy won £4000 of Homebase vouchers in their 'Garden Memories' photo competition, with this delightful photo of her daughter harvesting carrots: "I'd completely forgotten about the comp to be honest - and was gobsmacked when I won!"

In a similar vein is this lovely shot that won Irene a £100 Sainsbury's voucher in their 'Boredom Busters' competition - her son's first fishing trip!

Irene's son also won a Jelly Lane Original voucher with his excellent balloon self portrait!

Claire at Yet Another Blogging Mummy has a pair of talented sons who won a whole bunch of prizes with their artwork last year - you can read about them on her blog!

These are my two favourite drawings by her son Jacob: Mr Tickle & Seaside.

And Rebecca from The Beesley Buzz has a talented son Daniel, who won Moshi Monsters goodies with this incredible home made Katsuma costume:

Eileen at ET Speaks from Home's talented kids won a £50 voucher in MoreThan's 'Carpet Art' challenge...

Cute photos of your tiny tots are always useful for comps - this lovely bubble beard shot won Emma's son Max a bunch of Johnson's Baby goodies:

...and who says fmily fun needs to involve young children? All ages can be recruited for silly photos - as Gill proves with her winning Easter-themed photo that won her a year's membership to the Hotel Chocolat club!

And Fiona got three generations of the family into this frightening festive fashion photo, which bagged her Peacocks vouchers, a Digital Radio and more.

Look out for the next installment of #SuperLuckyStories soon! Thanks again to everyone who's got in touch to share their creative wins - and good luck with your family wins for 2014!

1 April 2014

UK Blog Giveaways ending in May 2014 (linky)

Welcome to the SuperLucky linky for UK blog giveaways
that are closing in MAY 2014.

BLOGGERS! If you're hosting a giveaway please add it to the list, including the PRIZE and the CLOSING DATE - if you don't include the end date I will remove your listing. Unfortunately I no longer have time to add in missing information, and I don't want people clicking on links to comps that have closed!

You can access this post and the APRIL LINKY via the links on the right hand side bar.

Please note, all giveaways MUST be hosted on a blog and they should be open to UK entries. I don't require a backlink - but if you'd like to mention or recommend my blog that's great. If you need tips on Terms & Conditions and running a giveaway, check out my post 'Hosting a legal and successful giveaway on your blog'.

COMPERS! Most of these giveaways are hosted using Rafflecopter - if you've never used it before please read my detailed post on 'How to enter Rafflecopter giveaways'.